Kenny Miller - He's not Barry Ferguson, he's a very naughty boy

By Tom Macintyre | Guest Contributor

Kenny Miller is 38 years old, nearing the end of his career and his form this season has been dreadful to say the least. If there is a less likely player to lead what the Daily Record would have us believe is a dressing room revolt then they don't spring immediately to mind. Kenny Miller may have it in his head that he's the new Barry Ferguson and Pedro is the new Paul Le Guen but the chances are he's sadly mistaken. 

Pedro Caixinha is the only reason Kenny Miller is still playing for Rangers Football Club and Miller has an odd way of showing his gratitude for the manager's decision to give him a new one year contract last summer. He is also showing a complete lack of affinity with the Rangers support if, as seems likely, he has chosen the Daily Record and Keith Jackson as the vehicle to go public with his hissy fit. 

It seems Pedro thought that Miller would be a good influence in the dressing room. You could argue that showed a lack of judgement given the events of the last few days, with the Daily Record gunning for Caixinha off the back of dressing room leaks that appear to have come from Miller. However, you can see the logic at the time. With so many new players, having a senior pro who knew about the club should have been useful. Instead it has turned into a millstone for Pedro as Miller seems to have turned into a disruptive influence after being dropped. 

Several incidents with Miller had alarm bells ringing ahead of the past week. He was asked a few weeks ago in an interview with Rangers TV about his partnership with his new strike partner and was very tentative in his praise - despite the fact Morelos' contribution had been significantly better than his. He was then less than supportive of Ryan Jack over his sending off against Hibs despite it being clear that Jack had done nothing wrong. The final most obvious display that things were not right with Miller came when he failed to react to Pedro's confrontation with Scott Brown - sitting motionless on the bench. 

You would struggle to find a Rangers fan who thinks Miller should be in the team. And therein lies the issue for him if he is attempting to oust a manager who has correctly dropped him. Miller's contribution this season has been nil. If anything he's been given too many opportunities to find some form and should have been dropped earlier. Miller's sense of entitlement to a starting place has not matched his contribution. 

Also, crucially, it appears that Miller's stance is not shared by the majority of the squad. It is quite clear that the new signings have been making a contribution albeit one that has not yet resulted in the required consistency of results. 

And it is results that will decide Pedro's future. It won't be decided by Kenny Miller. It won't be decided by the Daily Record and Keith Jackson painting a false picture of widespread player unrest over one ageing striker correctly being dropped.

Pedro needs a result tonight against Hamilton. He then needs a run of good results to follow it. It will be on the pitch where his future is decided but it seems unlikely Miller will play a part in how that plays out. Regardless of what happens with Pedro, Rangers have a decision to make on a player who it seemed would likely move into coaching once his career ends. Do they really want someone on the coaching staff who might decide to undermine his manager on a whim? 

And a final word for Kenny - it's easy for a player to tarnish whatever legacy they might have at our football club. There are plenty of examples of that in the media at the moment. If Miller wants to make a point in the future, and wants to get it through to Rangers fans, it might be an idea not to do it via a paper that has attacked his club and its fans for months, launched a borderline racist tirade about his strike partner and is being boycotted by supporters. Being that out of touch with the support is not likely to have the effect he is looking for.