Rangers must start winning or a big question will need answered

By Steven Clifford | Guest Contributor

Let's state the obvious - nobody should be happy with the start to the season or more importantly how we are looking as a team.

We have already dropped 10 points, failed to win four of the first seven games and what's even more worrying is we have struggled through every game, bar the Dunfermline one, this season.

We all agreed that Pedro needed time and even after the disastrous results last season and in Europe this season, we knew that he must be allowed to bring in his own players and be allowed to implement his own ideas. The real worry is that after nine domestic competitive games this season do we really look like we are making the progress we should be?

Well of course we are better than last season, that should surely have been an absolute minimum? But are we much better? That is the question that worries me the most and I can't help but worry for the outlay we have produced. We have been well supported in the summer by the board and arguably had a very successful transfer window, so why isn't the team producing? Why couldn't we beat Partick Thistle in 90 minutes on two occasions? Why have we only one won one in four home games?

While there is that calming voice in my head that says stay with the manager and give him time, there is blatantly another one screaming at me that this just isn't working. We need a run of results immediately and we quite simply have to start now. Failure to win at Hamilton on Friday night would simply be too much for the support in my opinion.

Sadly I feel that's the position we are in, one result away from the manager losing the full backing of the support. Most worrying for me is that it doesn't look like a given that we will go on a run and will get those results that will turn this around.

I'm usually very positive and pro-active in spreading that message amongst my friends, most who read will chat Rangers regularly and I am no different, but I can't genuinely sit here and say I am positive going forward. There are far too many questions and doubts. I thought by now we would be seeing a team full of fight, desire and a team philosophy we could get behind. It quite simply hasn't materialised and we still look as fragile as previous even if we are better individually.

Why we have capitulated under pressure this season and conceded such poor goals is a massive worry, why we look so easily bullied and overrun in midfield a mystery, why we look avoid of a formation where we are comfortable and not being overrun in key positions a nightmare. I would have hoped that Pedro would have been able to sort all that out or at the very minimum look like we are heading in that direction.

We were dreadfully unlucky in the run up to the weekend fixture with injuries, but when the ninety minutes came and went, we barely laid a glove on our opponents never mind a tackle, that to me was as unforgivable as anything previous. I thought that we would have been difficult to beat as an absolute minimum, but the truth is we weren't and surrendered as meekly as before conceding horrible goals along with it.

Pedro talks well and is full of passion for the club but he quite simply must turn this into a run of results and find solutions on the park immediately. If he doesn't it opens up a huge conundrum for everyone, just how long do we continue? Can we risk more transfer windows and give the manager more funds if we aren't showing progression?

This was never a one window solution, I've written that before, but can we throw more money at the situation in the hope things turn around? What if results don't pick up? Can we afford to stick with it?

There quite simply is more questions than answers at this minute. The only thing that will lift the pressure on the club is results and we must simply find them soon.

Otherwise the toughest of questions might just require an answer immediately.