Caixinha deserves respect

By Keith Waddell | Media Analyst

The new season hasn’t even started in earnest and already the Scottish media are attempting to ridicule and demean Pedro Caixinha.

Asked at his pre-Motherwell media conference if he thought – not if he believed – he still had the best players, he answered politely that yes, he does think he has the best squad.

He went on to explain why he thinks this way by saying:

‘I always think, when I am working in a club, my players are the best, my squad is the best, my club is the best.

‘I need to represent it like that to spread that feeling from bottom to top, from top to bottom. If I don’t think like that representing Rangers today, or all the others that I represented before I arrived at Rangers, I am just a guy sitting in my chair letting the time pass by. I am not like that and I want that feeling to spread.’

It is abundantly clear Pedro does not actually believe he has better players than Chelsea, Man United or Man City – indeed while responding to the price being paid for Neymar who is leaving Barcelona for Paris St. Germain for almost 200m quid, he made it clear that many players are out of reach - yet the media couldn’t wait to assault their keyboards and the Rangers manager.

These downright objectionables have the same objective - make Caixinha look stupid.

This is a manager who sits patiently and answers all manner of ludicrous questions and yet he is shown scant respect by hacks, who would never have made it to copy boys/girls in newspapers 20 years ago.

Rangers fans should be aware of their agenda and act accordingly. They need to complain to the papers, television and radio outlets, who employ the people who are intent on trying to humiliate a thoroughly decent man. Time will tell if Pedro will be the manager we want him to be but he deserves to be treated with respect and his words should not be twisted or stretched to make embarrassing headlines.

Pedro actually spoke very well about many things during his media conference but when hacks come with their agenda it does not matter what he says. They know they wouldn’t dare attempt to play these silly games with Celtic’s manager and it is to their shame that they haven’t even asked him, or his club, about the appalling behaviour of their fans.

There is no reason to consume stories spun negatively by these hacks when you can make up your own mind straight from the source. Pedro's press conferences appear in full on the Rangers YouTube channel each week. Make up your own mind about what he says and when it comes to those who would twist his words remember, don’t buy it, don’t click it, don’t share it.