Rangers fans unite in Daily Record campaign

Rangers supporters are making a habit of coming together, uniting in the thousands and changing things for the better and it appears over the past few days we have found another cause in defence of our club. 

We marched on Hampden, led by legend Sandy Jardine, to show the SFA that we wouldn’t stand for the sanctions they were looking to impose back in 2012. We protested outside the main entrance to Ibrox and boycotted Sports Direct to tell Mike Ashley to keep his hands off our magnificent stadium.

It may not be as visually striking as those moments but there is now a feeling amongst the Rangers support that enough is enough when it comes to the Daily Record newspaper. Last week, we wrote about the Record’s coverage online of the Big Tax Case verdict and the calls from rival fans on social media for the stripping of some of the world record 54 league titles.

Their one-sided coverage of this issue is not the first time the Daily Record have over-stepped the mark with regards to the club. Rangers fans don’t want special treatment, or for Celtic to be on the end of inaccuracies in the media. They just want an equal playing field. 

The complete imbalance in the treatment of its staff by senior management with regards to social media activity has also raised eyebrows.

A statement on the Daily Record from Rangers’ second biggest shareholder, Club 1872, made clear their concerns over the Record's recent coverage and the fans’ group explained meeting with the editor Murray Foote in the past about similar issues.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed, in fact it has got worse and in the statement Club 1872 called for fans to stop buying the Record, stop reading its online stories, stop sharing its online content.

Since then, Rangers fans on social media have been united behind both our article and the Club 1872 statement. The Ibrox support have viewed the Record far from favourably for a while now, but things are reaching a head.

The #ChangeTheRecord hashtag has been trending on Twitter with fans sharing screenshots of them unfollowing and/or blocking the Daily Record, Record Sport and Daily Record Rangers accounts.

We don’t know how the Daily Record senior management have reacted to the last few days, or even if they know about it. After ignoring Club 1872’s statement on title stripping, who knows if they even pay attention to Rangers fans’ concerns. But if they have, the widespread negativity may eventually force them into a change in their editorial behaviour.

We at The Rangers Observer will always highlight unfair, inaccurate or downright biased journalism and we want fair treatment for all.