Rangers must rename Murray Park

It's that simple. It's that basic. It has to be done.

Whyte did the deed and has now walked free. Ashley, Green, Ahmad, Stockbridge, Somers, Rizvi... on and on the list goes. They will all walk free. The governing bodies will face no consequences and will never own their part in the fraud(s) perpetrated in the name of Rangers Football Club. They will all walk free.

None of them have left their name on such an important part of the club as David Murray has with Auchenhowie.

If I move on from Rangers, I will leave it in the hands of people that I think have the best interests of the club. I will make sure it’s left with people of a similar mind, and a similar nature.

The quote that hangs over all Murray did at Rangers. The continued development of Ibrox. Gascoigne. Laudrup. De Boer. The 15 league titles. The 26 cups. The European Final. All pale in the shadow of Murray's infamous 2006 quote. He will walk free.

Far too many have concerned themselves with Murray's supposed intent: that he would only leave the club in the hands of someone who could lead Rangers as well as David Murray.


But it's time to accept that the intent was truly there in the second half of that passage: "I will make sure it's left with people of a similar mind, and a similar nature."

Murray sold out Rangers because he had tired of it. A People's institution had become an inconvenient and expendable line item on a P&L.

Murray sold out Rangers in the hopes of saving his fortune. He sold out Rangers in an attempt to save his precious metals.

Murray did to Rangers exactly as he promised.

"I will make sure it's left with people of a similar mind, and a similar nature."

He did, and the fans suffered. His legacy is his word, and his word was as honest as they come. David Murray does not deserve the honour of having his name officially grace our training facility any longer.