Easdales' Toxic Leprechaun crawls out from his rock

In what has been a fantastic week for Rangers fans, perhaps the last thing anyone would have expected was to the see the Easdale brothers' PR munchkin, Jack Irvine, quoted in the press. Yet curiously, despite a huge number of available quotes on a historic share purchase by fans group Club 1872, John Greechan of the Scottish Daily Mail felt the views of Irvine were relevant. 

Irvine will be known to many Rangers fans as the man who represented some of the most destructive characters to be involved with the club over the past few years. At various times he has promoted the interests of Craig Whyte, Charles Green, Imran Ahmad, James and Sandy Easdale and Mike Ashley.

Irvine has a habit of sending unsolicited emails to journalists attempting to steer them down a certain path on Rangers stories. The vast majority have the good sense to ignore him - especially when he's been proven time after time to have mislead them. But clearly John Greechan still feels it's relevant to include his views in a story which has nothing to do with either Irvine or his clients the Easdale brothers. 

It's clear the Easdales could do with PR assistance. Sandy Easdale was jailed for VAT fraud and his brother James comes across as if he would struggle to tie his own shoelaces. Unfortunately their choice of PR man showed a customary lack of judgement. Their association with Rangers was almost certainly an attempt to gain some respectability. This went badly wrong as they became hated figures in the Ibrox boardroom until they were chased out of the club by Dave King and the Three Bears. 

Rangers fans will speculate on why John Greechan felt Irvine's uncorroborated garbage was worth quoting. Perhaps he owed Irvine a favour? Or he just couldn't stand the positivity of a move which sees Club 1872 become the second largest shareholder in Rangers? Either way his willingness to give space to Irvine's latest fantasy is highly questionable and it's only succeeded in making him look a bit stupid.