Caixinha proven right on Aberdeen

When Pedro Caixinha pointed out quite calmly and rationally in a press conference that Aberdeen appeared to have a rebuilding job on their hands in the summer, you'd have thought he'd molested Stewart Milne's prize ewe, such was the reaction in some quarters.

As has been the case with the vast majority of Pedro's observations since he arrived at Ibrox, he had clearly done what a good number of his detractors fail to do on a regular basis and assessed things based on readily available information.

Aberdeen's most consistent players last season were either out of contract, in demand or tipping over the age of 30. It was also common knowledge that their manager Derek McInnes had been a failed contender for the Rangers job and was therefore open to leaving Pittodrie should a bigger club than Aberdeen come knocking - a long list.

Despite Pedro's perfectly reasonable comments, the reaction was predictable. Chris Sutton can always be relied on to play the fool and he duly obliged. A standard, dopey tweet followed by the gleeful "Chris laughs at the silly foreigner" article, in which Sutton dismissed Pedro's assessment with no real explanation of why he might be wrong.

Neil Lennon was next to wade in, saying Caixinha had no right to talk about Aberdeen. No right to talk about cycles. This while Lennon gave his own assessment on Rangers and their progress. Neil doesn't do irony. It's unlikely he even understood what Pedro was talking about. Perhaps he thought it was something about bikes. We couldn't tell through the froth and the permanent ginger scowl.

Of course since then Pedro's been proven entirely right. Rangers signed the Aberdeen captain, Ryan Jack who will now fight for a place in a new look midfield next season. McInnes looks to be on his way - with even dreadfully run and relegated Sunderland looking like a more attractive option than Aberdeen. Other players have and will follow Jack out the door. Aberdeen's stadium plans also appear to be in trouble.

Now, if we were Celtic or Aberdeen fans blogging about Rangers, then at this point we'd go on to assess the financial and footballing implications of these major issues. But let's be honest: who cares about Aberdeen? They've been totally unable to challenge Celtic during our absence from the Premiership and they are not and never will be serious rivals to us. Our fight is with Celtic.

So we won't bother analysing the future for Aberdeen. Bottom line? Pedro was right. Sutton is an idiot. Lennon will bring his particular brand of poison back to the Premiership and Aberdeen are about to return to the wilderness following a brief few years of kidding on they are still a big club.