Lawwell wrote to SFA in July demanding further action against Rangers

Peter Lawwell and Celtic have again made representations to the SFA about their wish for further action to be taken against Rangers.  

A 2012 letter demanding title stripping was leaked to the media by Celtic over the past couple of days. However, the Rangers Observer can confirm that letter has not been their most recent attempt to steal titles from our club. The night before the SPFL released their July statement calling for the SFA to take part in yet another review into Rangers' use of EBTs, Celtic wrote to the SFA demanding further action.

In what was an orchestrated move between Lawwell and Neil Doncaster of the SPFL, the Celtic letter arrived on Stewart Regan's desk the evening prior to the release of the SPFL statement. Despite the matter already being dealt with by the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission, Doncaster was happy to do Celtic's bidding. Celtic are the only club to have pushed formally for such a review despite Doncaster claiming widespread support in his letter to the SFA. 

The SFA have now rejected that request from the SPFL and as a result we can expect to see Lawwell's media puppets ramp up the pressure to remove Regan.

Lawwell's close associate Rod McKenzie of Harper MacLeod, the SPFL's lawyer, inserted a demand for title stripping into an early draft of the five way agreement. When this failed Lawwell was then instrumental in demanding an independent enquiry - but this again didn't deliver Rangers' titles to the more demented elements of the Celtic support. Lawwell has now also failed in his brazen attempt to have the SFA reopen the case against Rangers. The only course of action left to him to save face is a move against Regan, who has become a hate figure for the online hordes calling for title stripping. 

Despite the overwhelming desire of most Scottish clubs to move past this topic - articulated to both the SFA and SPFL hierarchies by member clubs of both organisations - it appears that Neil Doncaster is now firmly allied to Lawwell. The SPFL and SFA, despite sharing office premises at Hampden, scarcely have a civil word to say to each other. Lawwell has now thrown his weight behind Doncaster in that fight and, despite sitting on the SFA Professional Game Board, is doing all he can to undermine Regan.

It remains to be seen if Regan's head will be delivered to the Celtic fans as a consolation now that Lawwell's hopes of stealing Rangers titles have gone up in smoke. You can certainly expect to see a full onslaught from the media against Regan in the coming days. With that in mind Lawwell has welcomed Keith Jackson of the Daily Record back to Celtic Park after his longstanding ban was lifted in the past couple of weeks. That move and the various leaks over the past few days are all designed to put pressure on Regan and continue to keep negative headlines about Rangers to the fore. 

Like Rangers, Regan will find that he has few friends in the media now that the call has gone out from Lawwell and Celtic. Regan's potential usefulness to Lawwell has run out and he may well not survive despite managing to negotiate his way through various disasters over the years. It is ironic that it may be doing the right thing which is the final nail in his coffin at the SFA.

Peter Lawwell remains a malign influence on Scottish football and has been for some time. His latest stunt, just like his failed attempt at title stripping, may have been misjudged though. There is very little support for his position within Scottish football and there are plenty of skeletons in his own club's closet that might now be raised as a result of this latest act of aggression.