Pelters for Record's Jackson over disgusting Morelos story

Scottish Journalist of the Year Keith Jackson, the Daily Record sports writer, has penned one of the most xenophobic and generally awful pieces of work you will ever see published under the banner of a "major" newspaper.

Taking to the Record's website, Jackson issued a column on Rangers' Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos. To call it disgraceful would be doing a disservice.

Jackson covered the piece in deplorable stereotypes of Colombia, riffing on "trafficking" which saw Morelos "smuggled" into Rangers. And because human trafficking puns aren't enough, Jackson quickly moved on to cocaine bits, noting how Morelos "crosses the white lines of his new home" on his way to "attracting sniffs from a cartel of English clubs".

Show Racism the Red Card: Scotland responded to Jackson's despicable piece, saying "his words propagate racial stereotypes and serve to entrench divisive ideas about marginalised communities."

"While an individual may get lost in the fervour of watching television on various media platforms, for example Narcos on Netflix, the aforementioned references propagate a stereotype and discredit the hard work, skills and ability Morelos has, which has seen him rise to the top," the campaign added.

Journalists piled in on Jackson via Twitter. Ed Malyon, Sports Editor for The Independent, tweeted, "This player is from Colombia, a country devastated by drug cartels, so let's toss cocaine puns throughout a piece?"

Gabriele Marcotti of ESPN and The Times responded, "If Chris Brunt moves to Udinese should I not write a piece packed with IRA references?"

So far, no word has come from Record management in regards to this abhorrent piece, continuing a disturbing trend of pieces targeting Rangers. One hopes Trinity Mirror Publishing Editor Jonathan Russell can take time away from trying to get Rangers supporters sacked from their jobs to handle the current inexcusable state of affairs inside his own offices.