Kit rumours cleared up

Over the past few days various images have appeared online claiming to be Rangers' kits for this season. A number of Twitter accounts have posted fake kits and one such picture even prompted the Scottish Sun to run misleading, clickbait stories two days running. 

We like to cut through the bullshit here, so below is the actual kit situation. 

Home - The home kit will remain as it is. There will be no new home kit this season although stock of replica kit will hopefully be in the megastore prior to Christmas. 

Away - The red away kit worn at the game against Ross County is the new away kit. Who would have guessed it! Again, stock should appear in the megastore before Christmas. Any image that appears online claiming to be a different away kit is a fake. 

Third Kit -  A black, third kit will also be produced and should be available for purchase prior to Christmas. 

All quite simple and in line with what Rangers told fans when the Sports Direct situation was resolved.

We are not entirely sure why a publication like the Sun couldn't verify that images they carried were fake but that might not have got as many people clicking on their stories across the past two days....