Daily Record apologises for targeting Rangers supporter

The Daily Record newspaper has been forced into an apology after targeting a Rangers supporter who made a personal complaint to them about their coverage. 

We reported last week how Trinity Mirror Publishing Editor Jonathan Russell had attempted to get a Rangers supporter into trouble with his work. The supporter had used his work email to make a personal complaint about the biased coverage of the newspaper. 

Russell has now written to the supporter in question apologising and acknowledging that his actions were wrong. He accepted that is was clear the complaint was personal and that he should not have attempted to cause trouble with the supporter's employer over the polite complaint. 

It is unclear whether Russell has apologised to all the other Rangers fans that he used precisely the same tactic on previously. 

It is also unclear whether Russell's apology came off his own back or was as a result of pressure from Trinity Mirror following the #ChangeTheRecord campaign by Rangers supporters which has seen them refuse to buy the Daily Record, click any online links to stories or share those links on their social media networks.

It is believed that the campaign has already started to seriously effect numbers of clicks on the Daily Record website and has caused Trinity Mirror to start asking questions about the continued refusal of senior staff at the paper to take any proper steps to remedy the situation. They are well aware of how successful Rangers fans were in taking commercial action against Sports Direct and fear a similar outcome.